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Spring is in the air!

Welcome to our latest newsletter, where we provide more information about the new downsizer super contribution option, which was made available from 1 July 2018.

We have included a reminder about a common sharemarket trap that you want to avoid. And, we hope our article on dealing with a redundancy is helpful if you have recently lost your job, or if a redundancy is on the horizon.

"How to plan for a better retirement" shares a framework for moving towards financial security in retirement.

Learn how you can reduce, reuse and recycle in your household to help with the global plastic crisis.

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Boost your super - selling the family home

The new downsizer super contribution option could help turn your family home into a more comfortable retirement.

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Avoid the most common sharemarket trap

Perhaps the most common trap for share investors is to concentrate too much on the daily movements in share prices.

Protecting your finances after redundancy

Dealing with a recent redundancy? We can help you get your finances in order, so you can stay on your feet.

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How to plan for a better retirement

Many investors concentrate on accumulating wealth during their working lives to pay or help pay for their retirement, yet don't give enough attention to planning for a retirement that may last 25 years or longer.

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9 Ways To Minimize Plastic In Your Home

We live in a world of plastic. Plastic cups, bottles, plates, packaging – our plastic society is putting the world's ecosystem at risk, but there are some simple steps we can take to change our wasteful habits. 

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