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Welcome to 2020! We hope you had time to rest and revive in the company of friends and family over the holiday season and that this year is your best year yet.

Are you nearing retirement? To increase the odds that your retirement dream matches the reality, consider the seven steps we outline in this newsletter.

Have you made some goals for 2020? Discover five simple things you can do to stick to your resolutions this year.

Take a look at five ways you may not have thought of to save money by going green.

Are you setting off on a caravan adventure this year? BIG4 Holiday Park's ten caravan storage tips will help you make the most of the space in your home away from home.

Discover three health and wellness holidays that won't break the bank.

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Nearing retirement? 7 steps to take before you leave work

You're so close. You were diligent in making additional contributions to your super when it made sense and have saved enough in your fund of choice. You have created a realistic retirement budget. You dream of more days at the beach, turning into a grey nomad, with none, zero, nada, office commitments.

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Five ways to stick to your financial resolutions in 2020

It’s a new year and the ideal time to set your goals for the year ahead. Whether you’re saving up for something special, trying to pay off some debt or putting money aside for retirement, having a financial resolution is a positive move.

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Save money by going green

Saving the planet isn’t the only reason to go green. Using less energy and fewer resources can also help you cut costs. Take a look at these suggestions to help you save.

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10 useful caravan storage tips and space-saving solutions

Are you finding it a problem to fit everything you need into your caravan? BIG4 Holiday Parks have a bunch of nifty and easy caravan storage tips and space-saving solutions to help you out. Most are inexpensive, too.

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Affordable Destinations for Health and Wellness Holidays

If you struggle to stick to a healthy diet, don't exercise regularly or can't make time for peaceful moments of rest, chances are you need a holiday - and don’t we all!

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